Friday, October 17, 2008

pumpkin farm fun

Mommy the horse, Liam the cow, and Jack the pig at Circle S Farms.
Our jack-o-lanterns (which Liam wanted to know if we'd make Liam-o-lanterns too). The seeds were roasted and thoroghly enjoyed by two little boys.

Liam and the great pumpkin.

Matilda on her pumking throne.

Daddy and Jack in the sunflower maze.

The butt pumpkin.

quotes and hikes

I know that most kids say cute things, and mine are no exception. I've decided to share a few prize quotes from them.

Liam (3 years old):
"Is medicine made of pizza?"
"Mommy, I like you because you are always beautiful, which starts with a b."
"Did Jesus make booties so we can fart and poo poo?" -The thing I find interesting about this quote is that I always say that God (I never mention Jesus.) made us. Maybe kids have some inherent knowledge about the trinity...hmmm.

Jack (2 years old, and just figuring out that words can make people laugh):
"Accidents happen now and again. PBS Kids-Go! hmm hmmm hmm"
"Really? M&M?"
"Annie (our dog) go in the water! No!"
"CD 101 tip."
Jack usually sings or shouts these nonsense sentences, then giggles...a lot.

On another note, the leaves are changing around here so we went on a hike at the park across the road from our house. It was an overcast kind of day and a bit chilly. We had a wonderful time collecting leaves and acorns. We'll make our annual "Leaf Man". Pics of him to come.

*post edit*
I forgot to add a quote from my tiny one!
Matilda (7 months)
"ahhh da da da da"
She also squeals so loudly that we have dubbed her Nazgul.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I love finding new artists (well new to me at least). There is so much inspiration out there.