Saturday, March 1, 2008

random stuff

Yeah, I know I'm already failing at posting a lot. I have good excuses! One is that I am so huge and about to burst! I have about 3 1/2 weeks until this kid finally comes out. The only problem is that in the last month, I gain the most weight and get really, really tired all the time. If I don't sleep when I get tired, I get a horrible headache. But that's how pregnancy goes I guess. Otherwise I feel fine.

Another excuse is that I have been sewing/knitting every free moment I have. I have completed the baby bedding set I was sewing for Matilda (pics soon). I'm still working on a mobile and curtains, but those got put on hold until I'm done with all the aprons I'm working on. I'm trying to use up all the fabric I have and list everything on my shop before the baby arrives. I did sell and apron, but it got lost in the mail. )-: I felt so bad, because I know how I hate to not get something I ordered. So I made another one and am going to mail it soon.

I haven't tried the homemade laundry detergent yet. I got most of the ingredients today, but couldn't find the wash soda at the store. I found out that they sell it at a store near my house and will be getting some tomorrow. I'm excited about trying it, because now I won't have to use separate detergent for clothes and diapers. Also, all the ingredients are natural therefore good for the environment and good for your septic tank. yay

On another note, I've been waiting for Oliver + S to start selling patterns. The site says February 2008 and today is March 1. Oh well, soon I guess. I really want to get this one.

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