Thursday, August 26, 2010

Theater in the shadows...

We've been on a little golden book kick lately. I'm not talking about the new little golden books. The ones we've been reading are from my childhood. I find that they're longer and more "meatier" than a lot of today's picture books. Of all the little goldens that we've been reading, my kids really love The Three Bears. So one too hot and sticky to go outside afternoon, I decided to make a shadow puppet show of the little golden version of the three bears.
All the puppets took about 15 minutes to make. They don't look that great in the picture, but when put up to the flashlight, they looked a lot better. The kids loved the show and I had to do it multiple times. We also had lots of fun manipulating the size of Goldilocks' shadow and dancing with her. It was a fun, new way to get the kids interested in and old story.

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