Saturday, March 21, 2009

a birthday cake's journey

Rainbow batter...yes, those are all the colors. ROYGBIV FTW!
Spooned into my cake pans.
Baked. They look kinda like eyes or very colorful boobs.
The finished product. I learned a couple of kids ago to not try to write a message on the cake. A cake decorator I am not!
A lovely rainbow-y slice.
The birthday girl is all smiles!
Shhh don't tell anyone how old I am!

I got the idea from here. I didn't use the sprite, but instead followed the instructions on the box. That's probably why my colors weren't so bold. That or my 4 year old "helper" didn't put in enough food coloring. I also put the cake in the freezer a bit before putting the icing on to make the application easier. The cake was enjoyed by all!

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